Like an overfilled Döner: it’s hard to know where to begin with Berlin. Luckily, you’ve happened upon this online guide, designed specifically to help you get the most out of your Berlin experience. With expert advice, inside tips and local insight we’ll show you how to sink your your teeth into this multifarious city by the Spree, so you can savour the magic on your own terms. Whether visitor, new arrival or long time resident – we guarantee you will discover something useful, interesting and unexpected at In the Know Berlin. So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and lass es dir schmecken!


The most fascinating city on the planet has long been a fount of creative energy. Whether you want to get down to some Krautrock, get lost in a novel or binge watch a series we’ve got the recommendations to provide you with the Berlinspiration you need.


Berlin may seem a little intimidating at times, but don’t fret. We’ve put together some inside tips and valuable advice to help you wrap your head around the Hauptstadt. Whether it’s buying a Bahn ticket or cashing in on the Pfand system, we’ll make a Berliner of you yet.


Oh the places you’ll go… From teeming markets to abandoned air fields, world class galleries to graffiti drenched ruins – this city is brimming with possibilities. Whether hipster, hedonist or historian, we’ll help you find your niche in the German capital.