From two world wars to a cold grey wall and the revolution which felled it Berlin has borne witness to humanity at its best and very worst. In the 21st century the city has emerged as a daring and progressive capital, yet one committed to bearing it’s deepest scars for the world to see.

Holocaust Memorial, Mitte

Teeming markets, seething dance floors, graffiti drenched ruins and world class galleries; Einstein, Bowie, Marx, Hitler – no other city evokes such an explosion of impressions. Frankly, it can get a little overwhelming.

Street Art by Cranio, Schöneberg

Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon In the Know: Berlin, an on-line guide designed specifically to help you get the most out of your Berlin experience.

You’ll find a break down of some of Berlin’s more fascinating districts here letting you know what to expect from each neighbourhood. Whether hipster, hedonist or historian you’ll find your niche in the German capital.

Prater Biergarten, Prenzlauer Berg

To really get a sense of Berlin however, you will need to tear yourself away from your new favourite Kiez and wrap your head around the public transport system. This step by step guide will have you managing the U-bahn like a local so you can explore the Berlin most tourists never see.

We’ve even prepared itineraries exploring some of Berlin’s more remarkable public transit lines here. These are perfect for those who want to lift the lid on what makes Europe’s coolest city tick.

Where to go, what to see and how to get there, get clued up at In the Know: Berlin!